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Frequently Asked Interview Questions

System Administrator

  1. Explain the steps involved in Report registration.
  2. What is the package used for Table registration and similarly what other objects can you register at SQL*PLUS?
  3. What is the .env filename used for setting environment variables for an application?
  4. Explain the steps involved in registering a concurrent request set and what preventive measures should you take to avoid an infinite loop of requests?
  5. What are the who columns? When they are required? How do you enable them?
  6. What is the difference between parameter prompt and token? When do you take a “SEGMENT” as default type?
  7. Under which directory .sql file is placed at OS level?
  8. Suppose If you have developed a form for GL. Where do you place the .fmb file and .fmx file?
  9. What are different method of Execution Methods?
  10. Explain the steps involved in defining a Custom Key Flexfield .
  11. How do you enable an existing Descriptive flexfield?
  12. List out the plls and object groups names attached to a Template form and explain about them.
  13. How do we enable who columns in a form?
  14. How do we attach a calender to a text item of non date datatype?
  15. Under which directory in the server the trace file is created when you on the Trace?
  16. How do you hide the PL/SQL source code of a procedure?
  17. Explain about PL/SQL Wrapper and steps.
  18. Expalin about the Incompatabilites option in Concurrent ? Program? Define window.
  19. What is the profile option name used for setting up Audit?
  20. What is the procedure used in apps in place of call_form and what are its compulsory arguments ?