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Oracle Reports

31) Is it advisable to remove the redundant frames in the layout?

      Yes, it is.

32) Can you determine your own search paths for files called by Developer 2000 tools in a windows environment?

      Yes you can

33) Which file is used in a windows environment as the Performance File?


34) Does printer Definition file acts as a translator for the printer?


35) ‘Reports printer definitions are stored as SQLUS files’ Is this statement true?

      No, you don’t need.

36) Which table deletes Report’s specific tables?


37) Does confine mode keeps child objects enclosed within their parent frames?

      Yes it is.

38) Do you think that it is possible for you as a developer to assign common properties to multiple objects?


39) When you set package break for an object, an object that appears below it always move to the next pages. Is it true?

      No, It is false.

40) What are the categories for report level objects?

      Data Model Objects, Layout Objects and Parameter form.

41) Is an external query a collection of PL/SQL source code that can be referenced by other modules?

      No, It is not.

42) Which design tool defines the appearance of an interface that allow the end user o supply runtime values to report?

      Parameter form Editor.

43) Can external queries be saved to the database?

      Yes, You can.

44) What is contained in the Database Objects fields of the tables and column names dialog box?

      Table and View Names.

45) The Master Detail layout is the combination of which two layouts?

      Form and Tabular.

46) By default is there a page break after each record in the form default layout?

      Yes there is.

47) Does a break report always contain a break group?


48) Is it true that a break report data model is created using at least two queries and at least one group?

      No, it is false.

49) If you minimize the number of break columns in your break groups, will you minimize the number of columns that are added to the order by clause?

      Yes, you will.

50) The link clause, which query to be executed for each instance of the parent group?

      Child Query.

51) How many cursors do is reports have to open foe a two-query data structure?


52) Does default columns referred to as common columns?

      No they are not.

53) Default columns referred to as Place Holder columns?

      No they are not.

54) Does a formula column perform user-defined computation on another columns data?


55) Which field in summary columns Property sheet shows the calculation to be performed?

      Function Field.

56) If a Placeholder columns data type is LONG or LONGROW can you edit the width filed?

      Yes you can.

57) What anchors?

      Links one or more layout objects together.

58) Does queries are created by default?


59) Where you can restrict maximum number of rows?

      Maximum Rows property in the Query Property Sheet.

60) Oracle reports create one group for each query. Is it true?


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