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Frequently Asked Interview Questions


1) What is a visual attribute?

      Visual attributes are the font, color, and pattern properties that you set for form and menu objects that appear in your application's interface.

2) Diff. between VAT and Property Class? Imp

      Named visual attributes define only font, color, and pattern attributes; property classes can contain these and any other properties. You can change the appearance of objects at runtime by changing the named visual attribute programmatically; property class assignment cannot be changed programmatically. When an object is inheriting from both a property class and a named visual attribute, the named visual attribute settings take precedence, and any visual attribute properties in the class are ignored.

3) Which trigger related to mouse?

  • When-Mouse-Click
  • When-Mouse-DoubleClick
  • When-Mouse-Down
  • When-Mouse-Enter
  • When-Mouse-Leave
  • When-Mouse-Move
  • When-Mouse-Up

4) What is Current record attribute property?

      Specifies the named visual attribute used when an item is part of the current record.

      Current Record Attribute is frequently used at the block level to display the current row in a multi-record If you define an item-level Current Record Attribute, you can display a pre-determined item in a special color when it is part of the current record, but you cannot dynamically highlight the current item, as the input focus changes.

5) Can u change VAT at run time?

      Yes. You can programmatically change an object's named visual attribute setting to change the font, color, and pattern of the object at runtime.

6) Can u set default font in forms?

      Yes. Change windows registry(regedit). Set form45_font to the desired font.

7) Can u have OLE objects in forms?


8) Can u have VBX and OCX controls in forms?


9) What r the types of windows (Window style)?

      Specifies whether the window is a Document window or a Dialog window.

10) What is OLE Activation style property?

      Specifies the event that will activate the OLE containing item.

11) Can u change the mouse pointer? How?

      Yes. Specifies the mouse cursor style. Use this property to dynamically change the shape of the cursor.