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Frequently Asked Interview Questions

AOL Module

  1. What is a concurrent manager?
  2. What is a concurrent process?
  3. What is concurrent queue?
  4. What is a descriptive flexifield ?
  5. What is a user-profile?
  6. What is audit trail?
  7. What is data group?
  8. What is an alternative region?
  9. What is a current record indicator?
  10. What is report security group?
  11. What is dependent segment ?
  12. What is Zoom?
  13. Explain the steps involved in form registration.
  14. Explain the steps involved in report registration.
  15. Explain about Token.
  16. Can we register a form from SysAdmin?
  17. Explain the steps involved in registering a procedure.
  18. What are the different Execution methods?
  19. Explain the steps involved in Application registration.
  20. Explain the hierarchy of profile options.
  21. Explain the steps involved in Report registration.
  22. How do we pass parameters to reports?
  23. Explain the steps involved in registering a concurrent request set?
  24. What are the who columns? When they are required?
  25. Where do you place the control file?
  26. What is the difference between parameter prompt and token?
  27. Is a value compulsory for value set field while defining a parameter for a report?
  28. Explain concurrent who columns.
  29. How to exclude certain menu entries for specific users?
  30. Explain the steps involved in form registration.
  31. What are the different types of functions?
  32. How do you restrict a user from accessing a button ( non form function) in the form?
  33. What is the advantage of Trace option?
  34. Explain the advantages of folders.
  35. What is the advantage of Examine?
  36. Explain the profile options and their precedence’s.
  37. Explain the difference between AOL and Sys Admin module.
  38. List out the plls and object groups names attached to a Template form and explain about them.
  39. Explain the difference between Application and responsibility.
  40. Can we customize a standard Apps menu?
  41. How do we know the current form name and its version from the front end?
  42. Expalin the directory structure of Oracle Applications.
  43. How do we enable who columns in a form?
  44. How do we attach a calender to a text item?
  45. What is the Apps equivalent for Set_item_property of forms 4.5?
  46. Under which program unit do we write code for closing and opening the window.
  47. When you FTP a .fmb file to the server in which mode it should be done? Explain why that mode is used.
  48. Under which directory in the server the trace file is created when you on the Trace?